Ko’olina Catamaran

The day I set sail was Memorial Day, May 26 2008.
It was a gorgeous day to be out in the sun…
I was excited to use up my 2 year old gift certificate that I won from Senior Project Grad night, but I wasn’t too excited about the tourist part.
I don’t have anything against them, but they are rude… Very rude. Most of them tend to be anyway.

After half an hour of sailing… we met at this one spot off of the leeward coast.

I lived in Hawaii all my life and I had no idea that huge families of dolphins are just simply gliding near the border of the leeward coastline.

We had a chance to swim with the dolphins and turtles… but ofcourse… the tourists not LISTENING to our guide, decide to just roam into the water, not even trying to silently slip into the water. Dolphins aren’t stupid, they can hear you entering their territory. It’s just… really common sense that they don’t want to swim by the people that made so much noise.

Next time, I’m going on a catamaran ride with only locals on it man… haha =P

If you guys ever get a chance to get on a Catamaran, you should, its fun in the sun!

Enjoy the pictures I captured 🙂

Ko’olina Catamaran