Chris Brown Attacks Rihanna

All I gotta say is that… that’s fucked up!

Famous or not, no one deserves to get hit and beaten.

Reports made on February 10th, 2009 say that Rihanna’s face showed major contusion, including a split lip, and a bloody nose. She somehow has bite marks on her arms and fingers? I don’t know about the bite marks man… the only reason why I wouldn’t bit someone is if I’m the one being attacked not me attacking.

Anyways, if you haven’t heard, Chris Brown got suspended from his Wringley’s Gum advertisement, and Got Milkn Mustache Campaign Ad’s. His careers going down-hill while Rihanna’s popularity is going up (sympathy fans). p.s. I was already a fan of Rihanna hehe.

There are some reports of this fight starting because of some mystery woman texting Chris Brown about hooking up later while Rihanna was in the car, after they performed together at the pre-Grammy Party.

They were already in a violent relationship, it isn’t the first time he abused her, but I guess it never went this far before. To the point where he choked her until she passed out!!! Then woke up, and Chris Brown was gone. He just fucking left her there.

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Chris Brown Attacks Rihanna