Oh how I have love these 3 boys. But not just for these 3 boys, I have love for their music. CHAZ, AUSTIN, AND COLE. I have no shame to say how I’m not too big in the Hawaii local bands, but Restore is a band you have all got to check out. They are planning to record this summer. There is one song uploaded on their myspace. I’m so excited for them to record, weeee :). Their music soothes my mind, and makes my body tingle! It’s just… I don’t even know how to describe it… like it’s… honest, soft, positive music. I freaking love it!

JUNE 20th
70 Kukui St # F
Wahiawa, HI 96786
(808) 622-0000

Keep up with my blog to find out when they are playing live next 🙂 I would hate for you to miss out!

Restore….”Formed in January of 2009, RESTORE is a trio consisting of Austin Kamimura, Chaz Umamoto and Cole Strona. The band presents a unique combination of pure emotion and contrasting melodies; which gives off a raw unmasked sound. All of the members are singer songwriters in their own respects and have their own distinct background which contributes to the overall sound. They have only one desire and that is to make pure and honest music.”