boyfriends & girlfriends

I met a girl in my class, who shall remain anonymous. I asked her if she had a boyfriend. (No, I was not hitting on her). She said she had a boyfriend and that they’ve been together for about over a year. Then she asked me if I had a boyfriend, and I said no…

She says “Goooood!”

Me: “eh????”

How come most girls that have boyfriends tell me not to have a boyfriend? If they are unhappy, shouldn’t they just leave him? I don’t remember going around telling girls not to have a boyfriend when I had one… hahaha. I mean I do generally get why they would tell me not to have a boyfriend, or that its good to not have a boyfriend. But it does imply (small kine) that they are not so entirely happy being with their boyfriend.

If I ever date again, I know I’ll be happy. And if I’m not, I’ll leave.

I know it’s not as “easy as it sounds”…. but it is as “easy as it sounds.”


boyfriends & girlfriends