Recap: UFC 100

BROCK LESNAR IS THE BIGGEST FUCKING DUDE EVER. Frank Mir got eaten up and spat back out. He took those punches though. He just fucking ate them like cupcakes. Hahaha. He looked like a completely different dude after the fight was over.

My favorite fight of the night was Dan Henderson vs Michael Bisping. Shieeettt. I can watch that finish like a million times in slo-mo and still get tickles up my spine.

The Rush vs Pitbull lasted all 5 rounds. GSP just kept taking him downnnnnn. There were 8 take downs in all I think? Around there. Pitbull just kept getting up too. It was a real good match up.

I tried youtube-ing the videos but they took em down due to violation.

Recap: UFC 100