The Twenty-One

I turned 21 this past sunday! on July 26th. EWWWWWWWW I’m SO OLD. I wish I’d stop growing. Crappahs. No but I haven’t been updating as much because honestly……… I’ve been out, partying, working, and studying hard in school. Trying to do all of it at once, and so far, I am pretty damn successful!

So I’d like to just recap my night as a 21 year old.

So………. July 25th was She Can Devours show at Sand Island Sports Bar. Restore was opening and so were other bands. And as you should know from my previous blogs, I effin love Restore. When they were done playing, my good friend Chaz said to me, “Wtf, you’re turning 21, why are you here at our show?! you should be out partying!” and i said “hello!! i’m your guys’ biggest fan! why wouldn’t I be here?!” Then after the show, we all headed down to a party at one of the guys of Arkeo’s house. We sang Karaoke all night! Owww! heheh. Met a few awesome individuals. It was really an awesome (unexpected) night.


The day of my birthday July 26th, my day was really awkward. I talked on the phone with lover man to get some things straight, and it really made my day. But most of my day passed by with me dancing in my boxers to the black eyed peas. And not just dancing… like dripping sweat kine. I don’t know if you know, but I get pretty serious when I dance. Hahah! And like some sketchy things were going on man… like seriously. O______O. But anyways blahblah, turns out my lovely sister put together a huge surprise karaoke party for meeeeeeeeeee. AHHHHHHHHHH! I love her so much. I almost cried when I came into the room. I was sooooo happy to see everyone there, well mostly everyone, some i know couldn’t make it. It was just awesome how my college friends where there, my high school friends were there, my sister’s friends, and my party friends. I was overfilled with joy… and I really couldn’t ask for a better birthday.

Thank you sisterrrrrrrr, I love you!
And thank you friends that helped my sister out!
Like Jessyka and Kale. hehe. And thank you Shanel for the cute balloons!! šŸ˜€

The Twenty-One