Reasons Why I Won’t Ever Start Smoking

I can go on and on about why you shouldn’t smoke, but fuck it, who cares about what you choose anyways! You aint gonna listen to me.

So here are my reasons.

For some reason, most of the people I see smoking that have been smoking for a long period of time have craters in their face, maybe it isn’t from smoking… but still it’s gross. I don’t hear anyone saying shit like “oh, he smokes too! that’s so hot.” It’s either people settle with the idea that you smoke, or it just brings you lower. I don’t want people not wanting to be near me, unless your some crazy person. But if I saw you know… a cute guy or girl.. and I’m smoking and whatevers.. if I see them back away when I start smoking… it would make me sad! Hahah. And who the heck wants to smell like cigarettes?! Nasty shmmeelll I tell ya. It’s pricy. The safe areas for people to smoke are decreasing. I get rash when I’m severely inhaling second hand smoke, it sucks, and its gross. We are already addicting to many things in the world, why should cigarettes be added to that list? To my list… no! Studies show that it shortens your life — well, I’d really like to live to see my grand kiddies run around in my backyard. I don’t really want an extra hole in my chest. I don’t want to be a hypocrit — telling my friends not to smoke, when I already do myself. So freaking retarded.

Put em out.

Reasons Why I Won’t Ever Start Smoking