Top Irritating Things

Here it is MY top list of irritating things that could be easily avoided

  • Slow internet connection – the internet shouldn’t be a hassle to get a hold of. it should be accessable, fast, and convenient. Nothing lower than that!
  • Cheap toilet paper – don’t you hate it when you’re doing #2, and all you can get is 2 squares of toilet paper at a time, because it’s so darn cheap and thin?!
  • Picky people – waiting in line at a grocery store or simply even standing in line to get your daily regular coffee… the line is at a stop because of some picky eater that wants to know every ingredient that’s in whatever she MIGHT buy, and she also wanted to know how they make it and where they make it. FOOD IS FOOD, gosh!
  • Drivers changing lanes – I hate the fact that the street for a chance to change lanes onto the freeway is long, and yet people slow down in the beginning of the street to get over into the freeway lane. This causes UNNECESSARY traffic jams!!!!!!!!

And more to come 🙂

And feel free to add ofcourse

Top Irritating Things