the land of the rising sun

more like.. the land of fucking advanced technology!

We stayed at the Shinjuku Prince Hotel, Shinjuku Prince Park Hotel, and some place in Nagano. hehe.

There’s so much to do in Japan! It was exciting and fricken amazing. You can always easily take the subway/train anywhere. It felt great not to DRIVE everywhere. Now that I’m back home…. I still hate driving! I enjoyed eating. Yumm. Rice Balls ❤ Sushi ❤ RAMEN! ❤ Yumm! Everything was so delicious over there!!!

What made this trip even better was our group of friends we had.

Me, Sister Julia, Brother Alex, Randi, Taka, Terence, Emily, Kaori, and Jayson.

We were the party 🙂

Anyways, enjoy the pictures

the land of the rising sun