AVATAR (movie)

Just saw it today in 3D.

And I have made a comparison….

Remember the movie FernGully? It was Australia animated movie about fairies and how they live in the forest. Then man kind came along and started destroying trees. The fairies lived in trees, it was their home. A construction worker that supposed to be part of the destruction of the forests, turns into the size of tiny fairy – & falls in love with a fairy. He eventually ends up being on the fairy’s side, and tries to help them save their home. Sound familiar? Both of these movies had a strong environmental-friendly theme. Both of these movies involved human turning on their own kind to save another species.

I greatly appreciated this movie. Alot of very interesting things happened in this movie. Many new concepts of life, culture, traditions were introduced – to me anyways. Even though the culture wasn’t “real” it still is a new concept to me. I loved it, and I would want to watch it again & again 🙂

AVATAR (movie)