Why I love Sister

Why I love Sister

According to Princeton, “sister” is defined as a female person who has the same parents as another person. That is the most incomplete definition I’ve ever read! And I haven’t read that much! But I know it’s incomplete!

Here is mine.

Sister, she is older, and wiser. She always knows my next step. If my next step is into a shithole, she will guide me around it – or – she will step in with me and help me through it. She’ll bend over backwards for me when I need it – how do I know? Well, she’s done it. Time and time again. Without hesitation also. No one is like Sister.

Sister, begs me to go with her for a night out in town. She is laughter, she is fun. She knows how to bring my spirits up when I am down – SAKEBOMB! She allows me to borrow her cute clothes because I don’t have that much. We switch shoes when our feet start to hurt from dancing all night.

Sister is a model. Role model. She’s a load of fun and yet she knows when to get serious. She is a multi-tasker. She is a mindful. She creates analysis. She over-analyses. She is intelligent. She is fucking brilliant.

Sister. Sister is beautiful. Sister is caring. Sister loves.

No matter what life takes me through, I know Sister will be there.

My Sister.

Why I love Sister