Across Media Things…

I came across so many interesting things this week! I’m so inspired!

First off, here’s the newest magazine out from FLUX, the new up-coming local life-style and fashion magazine. I actually did try out to be a part of this magazine because I am still searching for a magazine to work for, but they are doing fine without me 🙂 haha. The graphic layout of the magazine is eye pleasing, but not as pleasing as Chromatic. Chromatic is probably my favorite local magazine so far. But anyways! As I was scanning through this issue… I came across.. this…

This is my homeboy! (not the picture of the eye) but the art on the bottom. Fern Santos. He’s a great artist, with much love at heart for it. He takes every piece of art he does seriously, and he is his worst critic — which makes him real. I have many conversations with this guy that actually get really deep & personal, I have no idea why. Fern is one of the last real artists in the fucked up scene of Hawai’i, which is one of the many reasons why I support his cause and his art. Cuz everyone knows I don’t fucking waste my time on NO one. Anywho — Check out his spread in the new FLUX magazine when you head down to Barnes & Noble.

I came across this book at barnes & noble…….. I literally stood there for half an hour just being amazed at the work people have done. And I stood there because the Barnes & Nobles’s workers insisted that I DO NOT sit in the aisle. Eff you man!! This book had everything about design… from awesome packaging to influential posters to simple business cards – this book is awesome! It was eye-candy to me. Yes, I did get aroused from looking through this book.

At the HIFF (Hawaii International Film Festival) office on Monday, this poster really intrigued me, besides all the AWARDS it had received…….. this poster reached out to me with its picture, and content. Without even reading the title or words, I had an idea about what this may be about. Powerful, powerful poster.

I definitely want to see this movie.

Someone tell me how I can see this movie!!

Across Media Things…