Shanel (Heart)

Shanel. A good friend of mine. Don’t be jealous if I don’t write a blog about you. Everyone gets one. Just one :). Unless you are super special… hahah. We knew each other since highschool, but our true relationship (not friendship, I don’t like the word friendship) didn’t blossom till after highschool. Don’t get me wrong, we were good friends in high school too, but nothing as to where it is now. This girl, is awesomest (prime). She is the most genuine girl out there, and I love her for it. I have friends, other friends, that I love and trust. But one thing about Shanel that I can definitely count on… is there she will be there for me no matter what. —- UNLESS —- she is either sleeping or working, but that’s it. Hahahah. Otherwise, she is there for me. I know she’s one of those friends that will help me and comfort me when I’m in deep shit. She’s the one I go to when I need to be comforted, and she will tell me whatever it is she needs to tell me to make me feel better. She is really the nicest person you could ever be friends with. And sometimes, people take advantage of that. People take advantage of her kindness, and it fucking pisses me off.

If any of that stupid shit goes down in front of me, know that you will go down.

The world needs more people like Shanel, period. And less people that take advantage of people like her.


Love ya Shanel.

Shanel (Heart)