Vacation In Cali

Oh, finally I can upload pictures of my one week break in Irvine :).

I got to hang out with my new baby cousin! He’s turning 1 years old this July, and I got to hang out with him 2 weeks ago for the first time. He is the most awesomest baby ever!! He’s always happy, always smiling. It was a great feeling waking up to a baby in his play chair that dances to Yo-Gabba-Gabba every morning. I can’t even imagine how great it feels to be my Aunty (his mom) and wake up to such a happy, healthy, and awesome baby. After a couple of days, he got used to be being around. He gave me hugs and kisses.

All the other photos in the gallery consists of this supper good Cafe spot! and it’s actually called “Cafe Spot”! And I also ate Mongolian Hot Pot. oOooooo it was so goooood. When I stay with Aunty and Uncle, I always eat effin good. But I also eat way too much!!

Oh, and I also took a trip to Griffin Observatory. It was fun! I learned alot too. It was like I was on a grade school field trip 🙂 heheee.

Vacation In Cali