Crafty People Only!

Hey all you, Do-It-Yourself-ers! I check out alot of crafty sites, but here’s my list of my favorite ones.

This is a site that slightly improved their website layout, but they have so many postings that it’s impossible not to find something you don’t like. I usually use this site to take people’s artsy ideas and improve them, and make them my own. I wish more of the picture uploads from users were higher quality though.

If you haven’t heard about Etsy by now, I don’t know what world you been living in. Etsy is the best chance you got at selling your hand-made goods. Items that are sold on Etsy are all hand-made by the users, that’s the main concept that drives them to success.

This is definitely one of my favorite sites, not only is the website eye-pleasing… but it has many users that post up many of their project ideas online that you can use 🙂

I mostly use this site just to read the cool articles they post up, not so much for the volume of crafty projects they have up ( because they only have a limited amount ).

Crafty People Only!