no love for hcc bookstore

Honolulu Community College: Bookstore
1199 Richard Ln, Honolulu – (808) 845-9105

Okay, I will describe my mood right off the back. I am frustrated and pissed.

I wanted to purchase my textbook because I realized a week into the course, I actually DO need my textbook.

On Monday, I brought it in check for the exact amount of the textbook. Comes to find out, their old-ass fucking machine cant “read” the number on my check. I work in retail, so I said, can’t you just insert the check manually?? She brought her manager out, some lady in the back room that was just laughing really loud and just talking story and shit. She came out and told me that the machine can’t read the check. Why would you bring your manager out if she’s just gonna tell me the same thing. BRING HER OUT IF SHE CAN DO SOMETHING FOR ME. Then, she told me I should bring in a credit card or something because it would be easier and for sure they can use it.

6 days without a textbook.

On Tuesday (the next day), I brought it my American Express card because they give CASH back to their customers, Duh. I gave the card to her, and she looks at me…. because ofcourse she remembers my face from yesterday. And she says, “ooh……. we don’t take american express. just visa and mastercard.” and I look at her, and I’m like.. ARE you FUCKING kidding me. I think I made a groaning noise or something and gave her stink eye, but I was really giving stink eye to the whole situation.

7 days without a textbook.

Today. Toooooooday. HA ha HAAAAAA!!!!!!

Today, I went in with my VISA card, and I don’t hold credit cards with me, it prevents me from spending money. Anyways, I was all ready to purchase the textbook. I look in the same section where the textbook usually is. It isn’t there. But guess what IS there… the same girl from two days before! How flippin’ awesome. I asked her in a nice tone, Did you guys rearrange the textbooks?? She says to me, “No, we didn’t. We did send back a number of books to the publishers.”

Can you imagine my face?


GOD! I’m so effin pissed and annoyed and irritated!

FUCK the HCC Bookstore. Update your fuckin’ systems man. HOW HARD IS THAT.


no love for hcc bookstore