Fresh Blood for Breakfast? That’s new….

Oh crazy youngin’s. You folks just keep raising the bar, huh. First SEXTING, now… BITING? Really?!

If you haven’t yet already heard, there’s a new trend among our young tweens, teens, and young adults. In order to show affection, and ownership of one another, these teens bite each other to draw blood. Supposedly, the MORE bites you have, the MORE loved you are.

This is just sick!

It could cause a whole bunch of health problems. Do yourselves a favor and keep your damn teeth and blood to yourself.

The media is blaming these new trends on the movie, Twilight, and HBO show, True Blood. But they should really just be blaming the teens for having such sick obsessions, and the stupid initiative to become wanna-be vampires.


Fresh Blood for Breakfast? That’s new….