Almost the greatest thing ever created

So this is the one thing that is close to being the greatest thing ever created. What IS the greatest thing ever created?? Well, your just gonna have to wait for that answer :).

I am on a mission to finding the BEST loco moco. Some have came close to being the best, but there are still much more to try :).

I went to dinner with sister last night at zippy’s and decided to get a zippy chili moco. Holy moly. Same thing as a loco moco except that instead of gravy, they put chili! Holy crap! Best thing ever I tell you, or should I say almost?

But unfortunately I am not counting this amazing chili moco towards my search to finding the BEST loco moco because frankly, it’s not REALLY a loco moco. Get it? But I’m very glad I tried it. And I definitely recommend this to anyone that moves zippy’s chili 😀

Almost the greatest thing ever created