Charlie St. Cloud

As much as I loooooooove looking at Zac Efron, and going googley ga ga…. this movie was bad. The concept of the movie wasn’t too bad, but you can consider it predictable. And the acting was just Horrible!! From everyone in the movie! Especially Zac Efron, the main girl in the movie, and his best friend who (BTW) had the strongest (fakest) Australian accent. I couldn’t understand anything he was saying in that movie. Ever. Sheeeesh.

The only reason to go out and see this movie is to watch Zac Efron and his beautiful jaw line. & Eyes. hahahha. Other than that.. neeeeeeeeeehhh.

That’s his supporting actor. She was quite bad, in the movie. Something was wrong with her teeth, but cute, nonetheless.

just because i like this picture 🙂

Charlie St. Cloud