Recycled Goods – Expensive?! Why!!!!!

I’m sure we’ve all asked ourselves the same question when we see a product that has the label “made from recyclables”.. and the price happens to be like DOUBLE the one that isn’t made from recyclables.

It just doesn’t really make sense, we saved used paper to make new paper, but why do they cost more than the NON-eco friendly ones? 😦

It’s because of the productions costs…

Imagine having to take the used goods, distributing them out by groups, cleaning it, and THEN processing it. (I’m sure the process is more in-depth than that, but thats the main idea).

Comparing to creating the good from scratch, non-ecofriendly goods are easier to make.

Ofcourse, it also depends on what product you are actually making, what materials are used, etc.

Although it takes alot more to make goods from recyclables… I believe we should make it possible to have those products AT THE LEAST be the same price as the non-eco-friendly goods. What ever it takes. Because then it would provide more incentive to by the eco-friendly product.

We need a greener world!

No Green Peace People Welcomed.

Recycled Goods – Expensive?! Why!!!!!