Project: Magneto

I painted my wall magnetic! With RustOleum. The only color they have it in is black ofcourse. but it kinda gives my room a different feel. Just a little 😉

You can only buy these in quarts at Home Depot. Supposedly City Mill has, but every time I’ve called and asked they’ve said no. So Home Depot is your best bet. It costed like $22 for a quart. And I had to do 3 1/2 layers. This costed me double because i wanted to do my whole wall. So it actually costed me $45 in the end. Ah Money! 😦

I mainly wanted to do this because I’ve been using my lomo cameras more often and my new fujifilm polaroid camera. So I wanted all of them to just stack up on my wall!

Now all I need is an endless amount of magnets!!

Project: Magneto