Meet my new best friend with many extra benefits ;-)

OneNote from Microsoft.

Ohhhhhhhhhh my gaaaaaaaaaaaassh. It’s like the most awesome note-taking program. Here’s the laydown.



  • note taking with all the toolbars of microsoft word (font, font sizes, columns, tables, etc)
  • can add a visual folder paper or graph paper for convenience
  • able to directly draw lines, objects, anything straight onto your note ~ kinda like microsoft paint for quick drawing lines
  • automatically syncs to the internet
  • able to email notes as pdf, word document, or as a onenote to anyone
  • can make a directory, folders, and files
  • not limited to one page, it lays out your notes like a bulletin board if you wanted to


  • ONLY for PC’s right now 😦
  • not Mac compatible
  • It freezes sometimes, but your files are always backed up online, so you don’t really lose your information


I highly suggest it to anyone that is a serious note-taker especially on your laptop.

I used Evernote first before discovering OneNote. Evernote is also good. One of the great perks of Evernote is that it’s compatible with both Mac and PC. They are pretty much the only application that is compatible with everything PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android. However, the formatting of the actual notes is VERY simple and could at times be unappealing. However, if you often switch from Mac to PC (like me) Evernote is easier to retrieve your note.



OneNote is #1 on my list because I am very picky with formatting, and OneNote satisfies my formatting needs 🙂

Meet my new best friend with many extra benefits ;-)