Laughtrack // Downtown Honolulu

My friends and I got a chance to get together and check out live improv comedy.

It totally took me back to my theatre class days 😦 so sad… I miss my classmates and all the fun exercises!!

Any who, if you haven’t been to a showing at Laughtrack… you definitely should! It was a great experience. It was a small black room, only about 5 tables, and there was a bench all around the walls of the room. I liked it πŸ™‚

We saw three groups that night:

(1) Girls Night In (2) Bipolar Bears (3) Muslin Hamster

They were all so great! Made me laugh and smile all night. My jaw was hurting by the end of the show. The show was about an hour and a half! It was pretty long! I loved it.

Here’s a little something I recorded with my new camera featuring the Muslin Hampster.

Laughtrack // Downtown Honolulu