Happy Birthday Sister!

omg happy birthday sister! you are getting older and older each day. holy moly twenty-seven. TWENTY-SEVEN!!!!!!!
This post is one day late, but I really wanted to upload photos of her birthday dinner 🙂
I took her out to Sushi Izakaya Gaku ~ my most favoriteeee japanese restaurant on the island, and I believe it’s her favorite now too! heheeee. She enjoyed all of her six oysters by herself. (I’m allergic to shellfish)… I sadly watched her eat them one by one, but don’t worry I was “happy that she was happy”… yknow that bullshit saying. HAhahah. jk. No really.. she was really happy. haha :).

I posted pictures of what we ate. Ugh, everything was so delicious as always :). I had my udon… yummy yum yum yum.

You can check here on the yelp if you don’t believe me on how good this restaurant is!


Happy Birthday Sister!