The day before the day

The day before my actual birthday & my sweet boyfriend decides to take me lunch today since he’ll be working all day for my birthday. He’s so thoughtful. Heehee.

He took me to Nico’s Pier 38. I’ve been wanting to try this place for FOREVER because I hear their loco moco is BOMB. Arriving here at 12:00pm, to my surprise, my friend Ken works here!

Hi Ken! This guy has like a job practically everywhere, so I see him everywhere. Awesome guy though.

Here’s what we ordered: mini loco moco (for me) & catch of the day (for him) — he has no idea WHAT the catch of day was, so… don’t ask!

Both were delicious.

In addition to the beautiful bike he already bought me for my birthday… he bought me these 🙂

this is a very cute photo album (from barnes&noble)

& this very cute journal with artsy drawings on it and really cool designed pages inside!

I also received my early bday present from my sister&mark but I’ll post that up later!

The day before the day