Banana Boating, Bumper Tubing, and Wake Boarding

Yesterday was such an awesome day! My bestie, Shanny (very left), planned to take me and a couple friends to outdoor water sports for my birthday! Every year Shanel takes me to do something fun/crazy/awesome! And this year totally tops! My memory doesn’t go that far, but I know last year she took me and Kale mopeding on North Shore, that was so fun! and the year before that, she took me to Lil’ Wayne’s concert! That was fucking rad! Ah! She’s like.. the best!

What I love about her… is that, she isn’t the sportiest, or well-balanced, or in shape person in the world… BUT this girl is ALWAYS down to try anything!! hahah I love that. Seriously.

Kale is always invited supposedly on my birthday even if I haven’t seen him all year. This time, my sister and Brandon Zulueta came too! I have to say, we were an awesome group πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

We all participated in the banana boating and bumper tubing. But only Shanel, Kale, and I did those two and wake boarding.

I have to say, I KNEW that wake boarding was gonna be fuckin’ hard. But Shanny really wanted to try.. it was like.. on her bucket list or something. So we tried. And I actually got UP! WOOO! In under 20 minutes too! I’m so fucking proud of myself!!!!!! πŸ™‚ heheh. But no lie… it was so hard. I was frustrated in the water.. I couldn’t even turn over in the water… and my foot was slipping out.. my hands were burning. But hey, I eventually got it. I was really really happy. When I did get up, I think I stayed up for a good… 45 seconds? But damn that was muscle work just staying up too.

I had so much fun. THANK YOU SHANNY FOR PLANNING IT! You’re awesome! I’m so lucky to have you as a friend! and as my secret lesbian lover. Love ya!


Banana Boating, Bumper Tubing, and Wake Boarding