Heppy GagaWeen!!

 If you guys haven’t seen the gagaween video yet, you…. HAVE TO! Especially if you love and worship Gaga like I do 🙂 🙂

Here’s my Halloween costume inspired by the one and only Mother Monster !!

I used her make-up she used in the Judas video, and wore a onesie!

Here’s actual clippings from the Judas video of what I was going for as far as make-up goes 😀


And here is my final product:

YAY! or NAY?


So this is what I did.


  • Bought Black Hoodie Onesie ($13), red bandana ($5), and gloves ($4) from Hot Topic
  • Bought various size mirrors ($12) from Michaels, but they should be available at any local craft store
  • Fabric glued ($7) the Mirrors on 🙂
  • Wig ($55) was financially supported by my sister 🙂 Brand was by Incognito — http://www.wigs.com — find Incognito brand wigs
  • Bought a hair cap ($1) from Walmart, why does it have to be a black person on the front picture?
  • Used Laura Mercier Liquid pot eyeliner ($22)
  • False Eyelashes, Korean brand, ($2)
  • Duo Eyelash Adhesive, Dark-tone ($4)
  • MAC Prep+Primer ($30)
  • Elmers Glue, to seal my eyebrow down, ($2)
  • MAC Concealer ($17)
  • Laura Mercier creme smooth Foundation ($37)
  • Chanel translucent powder ($70)
  • Cheap red lipstick, Wet n’ wild! ($3)

^This is the very beginning stages of my make-up. Foundation, sealed eye brows, and the black eye liner

I didn’t have time to go to an actual wig shop to get hair nets, and I was at Wal-Mart and came across this! It works great!!

This is me and my friend Jess. She was an innocent school girl for Halloween:). But this is with all my make-up done and everything. Just gotta put my onesie on! YAYYY!! ONESIE TIME!

Creating a Lady Gaga costume is always SO MUCH FUN!

I love Lady Gaga.

I love make-up.

I freakin’ love Halloween 🙂

Heppy GagaWeen!!