Christmas & Christmas Eve

I had such a great Christmas Eve & Christmas with my family and friends!

I spent Christmas Eve working in the morning, but it was fun with my co-workers. As soon as my shift ended I did some shopping for dinner, and did some very last minute present wrapping!

I cooked dinner for Tai as a part of his Christmas gift. I made roasted bacon wrapped Chicken seasoned with rosemary and thyme. I also made corn and potatoes to go with it. He bought us champagne to drink 🙂

It was a great turn-out! I was afraid it might come out funny tasting, but it was perfect. It was different with the bacon 🙂

After dinner, we watched an anime movie called A Stranger’s Sword. I think that’s what it’s called. Good movie.

After that we headed to Fabric @ Stage to do some dancin’ =D

It was such a fun night! Greatest night & Christmas Eve!!


We love taking polaroids!

I look crazy!

so ready to party..

He’s so adorable ❤



Here’s some photos of my day and night..

Christmas & Christmas Eve

2 thoughts on “Christmas & Christmas Eve

  1. that is so adorable. i wish i coulda crashed this party ;o). I love the light details added to the table for xmas! 🙂 how was the champagne?

  2. lol thanks 🙂 yeah i was trying to make his place more romantically festive…

    the champagne was good 🙂
    Tai finished most of it though. haha

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