Happy NEW Year!

Oh, good-bye 2011.. you were a great to me.

Hello 2012!!!!!! I’m going to rape YOU!!

2011 Three Accomplishments:
1) Earned my Degree in Business Marketing from UHM
2) Created a successful semester for the American Marketing Association UHM
3) Got accepted into the School of Architecture, Doctorate of Architecture Program at University of Hawaii at Manoa for my 2nd degree

2012 Three Upcoming Accomplishments:
1) Maintain a high GPA (3.5+) in the Arch Program
2) Obtain a beneficial architecture internship with a reputable company
3) Survive through my sister’s (Julia Chen) wedding =) & AMA’s International Conference in New Orleans! *fundraise *fundraise *fundraise!


It was a good year =)


Last night (New Years Eve), Tai and I were really… wingin’ it. Haha. I worked in the morning with my awesome co-workers at DFS. Then saw my two best girlfriends , Jessica L. and Yeri K. We went to Marukame Udon and Yardhouse for some draaanks ;-). I got tipsy >_< . Yeri, Jess and I exchanged our Christmas gifts since we didn’t get a chance to.

I met up with Hubbie later on… we had plans but NOT really. We went of aunty’s house for some of Edna’s cooking. OOOOOOH so delicious. I will post up the pics later. Met the whole family. They are so nice, so welcoming… I love all of them. Really.

I am on my monthly period… so I am extremely emotional this week!!!!!!!!

I received a Happy New Years call from Howie Kim. I missed the call actually but he left a voicemail saying… ” Happy New Years Julz!!! I love you!!! Hey why did you send me that picture… are you trying to make me cry or something!!! Anyways, I love you!!” Hahahha. It was so funny, so cute cuz I had no idea who it was at first, it was just some guy telling me I LOVE YOU JULZ! and Tai actually heard the whole thing. LoL. but then he mentioned the emailing a picture and I knew it was Howie. I started to cry because I was emotional, and I do miss that guy!!

After dinner with aunty and Edna guys, Tai and I got ready to head out to town. We drove to Stage, found parking. Then decided last minute… let’s do something else for a change… Wanna go downtown?! Haha… so we went downtown 🙂 🙂 Was good fun. He wanted to take me walking around downtown and I was like… ARE YOU CRAZY!? Any other place this could be romantic… but downtown! Fricken crazy bums!

We started walking anyway… and I didn’t know but we went walking towards Aloha Tower where the HUGE New Years Eve party was being held. We found a perfect spot to sit and watch the Aloha Tower Fireworks go off. Although I had neck pain, it was beautiful. Probably the most romantic thing Tai and I have done. Hahah. Is that good or bad? I don’t know. All I do know that it was nice to have him hold me as the fireworks went off and smoother kisses on my cheek.


It’s going to be a great year.

Happy NEW Year!