life in the new 2012

It’s my first semester in architecture school, and it’s quite different of course from business school.

Not necessarily a bad thing, but definitely will have to take some time getting used to. I already spend my nights and days at school & around school (close by coffee shops). And to think I’m only doing the “baby” stuff right now? Wow, people were not joking when they said I will have to live and breathe architecture.

But you know what I don’t mind. I’d rather get into this and find out if it’s for me or not than to go on with my life.. wondering the “what ifs…”

I like it so far even though I’m in the baby classes.

On my blog, you will see my progress. Heheee. Good or bad? probably bad.


Besides trying to survive in the doctorate architecture program, I am also planning my sister’s SUPER COOL bridal shower, managing the American Marketing Association at University of Hawaii at Manoa, and planning to be a SAPFB board member.


But don’t worry, there’s nothing I can’t handle.


Till next time šŸ™‚





life in the new 2012