Very Social, Anti-Social Person

It’s hard to explain, but my sister and I came to the conclusion that we are very social, anti-social individuals.



I like my alone time. I really like my alone time. I value it a lot. I’d rather catch up on my magazines, Netflix, and homework than to go out. But if you put me in a social atmosphere, I’m not gonna just stare at the ground – I’m very social.

However, if I had a choice, I would rather hang with myself, with one other person, or just a couple of friends. Three at a time at max. Unless it’s a special occasion.



We don’t know why my sister and I are like this. And people don’t believe us when we say we are anti-social lol. I guess it’s a different kind of anti-social than what people normally associate “anti-social” with.

Very Social, Anti-Social Person