This is probably getting repetitive..

But I am so thankful.



I been home since 7pm, determined to study all night for my final coming up on Monday.

But, been distracted… and its currently 10pm….

What have I been doing? not facebook… not tweeting…


I’ve literally just been catching up with my family.


We are all grown up and so busy in our lives that even though we live under the same roof… we hardly get to chit chat and just have a meal together. Sure my mom’s a house wife, that’s good because there’s always someone to talk to — and lemme tell you.. SHE CAN TALK for long time. It’s funny how the BIGGEST distraction at home, is just good company. It’s not video games, or netflix, or TV… it’s just family.


But you can’t really be MAD about it.. because.. it’s a good time to catch up.


My mom and dad did such a great job raising us three children. They also have a very healthy marriage. I’m so proud of how hard they’ve worked and is working on their life, our lives.



I sympathize friends who have to deal with family issues. I can’t imagine me being the same person I am today if I had to come home to a broken family. I just can’t imagine it. I would probably just want to never come home. ever.



The End!

This is probably getting repetitive..