I worry

Like my mom.

Not as bad as my mom. But I worry about the world.

Bad things happening everyday. I’m pretty sure bad and worst things have been happening for hundreds of years now.. but with the convenience and availability of technology…

NOW I KNOW FOR SURE bad things happen all the time everywhere.


Makes me think you know… how long has bad shit been happening? And gone unreported and unknown to the world.

If news didn’t exist, sometimes I really believe our lives would feel simpler and happier. Either that or the total opposite.


If it weren’t for news, I’m sure my mom would be a more friendlier and more open person. And therefore, so would I be. But since this whole world is so fucked up and dangerous… makes it so hard for me to open up to anyone. I’m only living in Hawaii, in the United States. I can only imagine how crazy it is out else where.


I worry