While I was at school tonight, working on projects… I get a call from my brother asking me if he could go to Home Depot to pick up some materials for Dad and bring it to him. My initial reaction is… aw man seriously right now? It was 9PM, and I was in town. I asked what they were, they were some plumbing items. So I packed up my things and drove to Home Depot. Bought the items and drove to Kailua where my dad’s job site is.

My dad was waiting for me outside a very dead shopping center considering it’s a week night at almost 10:30pm.

I gave him his materials, and I think I made a face, cuz he said ok this is what I needed, he walked away.. but then I guess from my face, he was wondering why I was making a face.

I don’t think I knew what I was thinking, but I just responded with, Are those the right items?? And he said yes.


Immediately after I drove away, I started to cry.

Big grown ass woman crying in her car.

I don’t know if it was because I’m stressed, or if it’s because I’m normally an emotional wreck anyway or what… but I cried all the way back home. Teared.


My dad, as old as he is, working his ass off day and night. Day and night. And all these nights by himself because he can’t find a good worker as dedicated as he is to work the long hours he does. Him, by himself, I worry.

I cried because he’s been doing this for the past 30+ years for me, for my mom, for my brother and sister.

I cried because I’m over here bitching about how much work I have for school, and here’s my dad trying to keep this roof over our heads… here’s my dad supporting me through my long ass education that he believes will pay off in the end for me… here’s my dad coming home every DAY every NIGHT working 12+ hours and him WITHOUT even A SINGLE PEEP OF COMPLAINING or BITCHING about work, about problems, about anything.

Never once in my life have I heard my dad complain about working, about him supporting us all his life.


I can’t believe I have such an amazing dad. He is my version of super man. I love my dad.


As his child, I am supposed to surpass him. But right now, I’m like dayummm how can I beat that?!?!