Time for Babies

happy-group-of-babies--hd-wallpapersI’m 25.

I’m at the age where everyone around me is either getting married or having babies… and both!

I think I’ve had this discussion about babies with some of my friends.


When will you have a baby?


Some want to have babies when they find the right guy, because they feel that their purpose is to be mothers. I don’t disagree, because their personality fits it. Some want to have babies around my age or within give or take 2 years, for reasons of not wanting to be an “old” mom. Some, like myself, want to have babies when they think they are financially stable enough. Some are just wonderful, and not so wonderful accidents!.


So many different reasons to have a baby, but which one is the right reason?


I say, you can have a baby whenever you want to. You, women, just better be ready to give up everything you have for this baby/babies. Your brains, your eyebrows, your eye lashes, your body, your sleep, your prior obligations like school and your job, certain foods… however, each woman is different. Maybe you’re lucky enough to keep your eye brows and eye lashes. Maybe you’re an awesome person and you can actually juggle being in school and having a baby. Props!

But hey, just be ready. You have to be completely selfless. Are you ready?





Time for Babies