Time for Babies

happy-group-of-babies--hd-wallpapersI’m 25.

I’m at the age where everyone around me is either getting married or having babies… and both!

I think I’ve had this discussion about babies with some of my friends.


When will you have a baby?


Some want to have babies when they find the right guy, because they feel that their purpose is to be mothers. I don’t disagree, because their personality fits it. Some want to have babies around my age or within give or take 2 years, for reasons of not wanting to be an “old” mom. Some, like myself, want to have babies when they think they are financially stable enough. Some are just wonderful, and not so wonderful accidents!.


So many different reasons to have a baby, but which one is the right reason?


I say, you can have a baby whenever you want to. You, women, just better be ready to give up everything you have for this baby/babies. Your brains, your eyebrows, your eye lashes, your body, your sleep, your prior obligations like school and your job, certain foods… however, each woman is different. Maybe you’re lucky enough to keep your eye brows and eye lashes. Maybe you’re an awesome person and you can actually juggle being in school and having a baby. Props!

But hey, just be ready. You have to be completely selfless. Are you ready?





Time for Babies


I’m familiar, yet unfamiliar with the topic.

I don’t know where to start.

But I will start with this. I love my boyfriend. I can’t imagine what my life would’ve been like the past four years without his love, comfort, and constant support & I wouldn’t dare to imagine my life without him in my future.

Many of my friends are getting married, and I’m happy that they’ve made their own decision to take their relationship “to the next level,” as so everyone puts it. However, when the spotlight is on me and I’m asked when I am going to get married… well honestly I’m in no rush.

For many reasons that don’t question my love for him.

Reasons: I’m still in school, I don’t have a stable job, I live with my parents, I have yet to live on my own as an independent woman. 

I’m still in school trying to get my second degree in a program that requires me to spend my mornings, days, and nights at school. I have trouble balancing school and having a part time “real” job. I barely get to see him. My mom and dad have been supporting me through school & life. 

For me, there’s just many things I want to accomplish for myself before committing to another. I want to make sure I can take care of myself before I become someone who depends on their husband to survive. Like one of those… “trapped” marriages. If I am going to depend on my husband, I want it to be my choice rather than a default. I want to make my own money, I don’t want to be dependent. 

I want to be able to take care of him as much as I know he will take care of me.

I want to become the woman I want to be for myself, because I know that when I DO become that woman… it’ll be what my man deserves, and I finally can give him my all


That’s why I’m in no rush. 


But hey, life happens.




While I was at school tonight, working on projects… I get a call from my brother asking me if he could go to Home Depot to pick up some materials for Dad and bring it to him. My initial reaction is… aw man seriously right now? It was 9PM, and I was in town. I asked what they were, they were some plumbing items. So I packed up my things and drove to Home Depot. Bought the items and drove to Kailua where my dad’s job site is.

My dad was waiting for me outside a very dead shopping center considering it’s a week night at almost 10:30pm.

I gave him his materials, and I think I made a face, cuz he said ok this is what I needed, he walked away.. but then I guess from my face, he was wondering why I was making a face.

I don’t think I knew what I was thinking, but I just responded with, Are those the right items?? And he said yes.


Immediately after I drove away, I started to cry.

Big grown ass woman crying in her car.

I don’t know if it was because I’m stressed, or if it’s because I’m normally an emotional wreck anyway or what… but I cried all the way back home. Teared.


My dad, as old as he is, working his ass off day and night. Day and night. And all these nights by himself because he can’t find a good worker as dedicated as he is to work the long hours he does. Him, by himself, I worry.

I cried because he’s been doing this for the past 30+ years for me, for my mom, for my brother and sister.

I cried because I’m over here bitching about how much work I have for school, and here’s my dad trying to keep this roof over our heads… here’s my dad supporting me through my long ass education that he believes will pay off in the end for me… here’s my dad coming home every DAY every NIGHT working 12+ hours and him WITHOUT even A SINGLE PEEP OF COMPLAINING or BITCHING about work, about problems, about anything.

Never once in my life have I heard my dad complain about working, about him supporting us all his life.


I can’t believe I have such an amazing dad. He is my version of super man. I love my dad.


As his child, I am supposed to surpass him. But right now, I’m like dayummm how can I beat that?!?!


I worry

Like my mom.

Not as bad as my mom. But I worry about the world.

Bad things happening everyday. I’m pretty sure bad and worst things have been happening for hundreds of years now.. but with the convenience and availability of technology…

NOW I KNOW FOR SURE bad things happen all the time everywhere.


Makes me think you know… how long has bad shit been happening? And gone unreported and unknown to the world.

If news didn’t exist, sometimes I really believe our lives would feel simpler and happier. Either that or the total opposite.


If it weren’t for news, I’m sure my mom would be a more friendlier and more open person. And therefore, so would I be. But since this whole world is so fucked up and dangerous… makes it so hard for me to open up to anyone. I’m only living in Hawaii, in the United States. I can only imagine how crazy it is out else where.


I worry

Summer Vacation (finally)

My first half of summer was spent working (two jobs) and summer class — while having family visit. I took a building materials class that involved me creating a “launching/landing” pad.

I decided to create a mirror for my room since I don’t have one. 

My cousins Mylinh & Phi Nga came down this summer! It was so much fun! We did so many activities when we could squeeze it in. It was hard since I had school and two jobs to keep up with! Also, my sister & Niven & Mark came down, and then two weeks later, I flew up to see them! Here’s a bunch of photos to sum up my summer. 



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Summer Vacation (finally)

Showing too much skin is asking to get sexually assaulted?




Take these girls for example. Young, sexy, they want to show off their body. I believe it’s their way of boosting their self esteem. They aint gonna have that body forever – that’s a fact!

I don’t necessarily approve of this choice of clothing, however, I get it. I get why they do it.

What I do not get — and what I totally despise is when these girls get sexually assaulted and spectators have the nerve to say, “Look at her, she was basically asking for it.”

Women do not dress this way to purposely get sexually assaulted, as I stated before I believe its their way of boosting their self esteem. Everyone has their ways of doing so. No one asks to get sexually assaulted, and saying that someone was basically asking for it is just darn right heartless. Watch what you say because..

Race, Gender, Religion, or Choice of Clothing. Rape does not discriminate.

Showing too much skin is asking to get sexually assaulted?