Kyoto and Me

I received a great opportunity from my school to travel to Kyoto, Japan for an International Conference. CAADRIA 2014.

It was such a wonderful experience! A paper I co-authored got published for this conference, and I had to do a poster presentation. In addition to the conference, I took a tour of Kyoto.

Kyoto is comprised of small buildings and houses along with mid-rise buildings. There’s some type of building code there in which they aren’t allowed to build up to a certain height. This gives Kyoto a different kind of urban feel. It still feels like a small town in some sort of wonderful way. I really enjoyed it. Loved the architecture, culture, and lifestyle.

Everything in Japan is on-time. If you aint there, they are leaving yo’ ass. Just kno dat. But that’s the way I like things because I hate waiting. And making others wait is rude.

Here are some of my photos from my trip with my Canon 7D. I’ll post more that I took with my phone 🙂

Most of the photos here are of the temples in Kyoto. I paid much attention to the beautiful detailing that the Japanese seem to focus effort on. I love them for that!

IMG_7432 IMG_7482 IMG_7479 IMG_7509 IMG_7596 IMG_7404 IMG_7571

The photo above is one of the World Heritage places. I was so lucky to see this! It was enchanting. So enchanting that I lost my tour group!!!

IMG_7562 IMG_7520

The photo above is of the bamboo forest. I was not so impressed. It was very much carved and paved for tourists. I wanna see the real STUFF!!

IMG_7398 IMG_7414 IMG_7417 IMG_7391 IMG_7390 IMG_7389 IMG_7387 IMG_7384 IMG_7366 IMG_7365 IMG_7584 IMG_7485

We visited a “love” shrine. Seemed a little crazy when the tour guide was explaining to us the purpose of this shrine. So you go here to pray that you and your love one will be together forever like… boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, etc. I don’t know, if I found out my boyfriend traveled all the way to a shrine to pray for our eternal love… I would like he’s nuts. But then again, it could be a cultural difference, and or me just not fully understanding this. Hehe. I understand if you pray for marriage though.

IMG_7475 IMG_7490 IMG_7496 IMG_7580 IMG_7576 IMG_7573 IMG_7564 IMG_7544 IMG_7528 IMG_7514 IMG_7445 IMG_7443

Can you believe these are hand carved?

IMG_7423 IMG_7598

Kyoto and Me