Feelings – Do We Need Them?

That moment when you realize your feelings don’t matter. Oh wait, that’s always. Yeah.

If the best decisions are made based on logic and reason, why do we possess the ability to feel? Why do the decisions made from what we feel are (sometimes, or mostly) not the “best” decisions to make? Why even have feelings if the only feelings anyone wants from you is happiness.

I am constantly being reminded that what I feel, how I feel is my fault. And I agree, I am in control of what I’m feeling — only that I can’t control how I feel. I am always being torn between my mind telling me that I’m being this emotional mess right now, and my heart making me feel sad, and angry. I find that the only way to not be sad or mad is to train myself to not feel anything at all.

This is not the answer, but it is what I have to do to not feel negative — To feel nothing.

Feelings – Do We Need Them?