Do What You Want With My Body

lady-gaga-rkelly-snl-650-430I just realized.

While having a late night drive home, I’m listening to ARTPOP… and I’m thinking why would Lady Gaga choose R. Kelly? I mean come on, his career pretty much died when he decided to take a piss on young girls.

Then it hit me. Duh! The lyrics of the song. “Do what you want with my bodddayyy!”

So Lady Gaga, I’m guessing she’s cool with getting pissed on!


Do What You Want With My Body

Yeri Kim as Lady Gaga

A video I put together while ridiculously filming one of my best friends Yeri Kim get down as Lady Gaga.

We weren’t planning on making a video like this, she was actually trying to promote two clubs at UHM, ISA and IBO. But we filmed these short scenes for fun and I managed to make it look somewhat cool!

Yeri Kim as Lady Gaga

Heppy GagaWeen!!

 If you guys haven’t seen the gagaween video yet, you…. HAVE TO! Especially if you love and worship Gaga like I do 🙂 🙂

Here’s my Halloween costume inspired by the one and only Mother Monster !!

I used her make-up she used in the Judas video, and wore a onesie!

Here’s actual clippings from the Judas video of what I was going for as far as make-up goes 😀


And here is my final product:

YAY! or NAY?


So this is what I did.


  • Bought Black Hoodie Onesie ($13), red bandana ($5), and gloves ($4) from Hot Topic
  • Bought various size mirrors ($12) from Michaels, but they should be available at any local craft store
  • Fabric glued ($7) the Mirrors on 🙂
  • Wig ($55) was financially supported by my sister 🙂 Brand was by Incognito — — find Incognito brand wigs
  • Bought a hair cap ($1) from Walmart, why does it have to be a black person on the front picture?
  • Used Laura Mercier Liquid pot eyeliner ($22)
  • False Eyelashes, Korean brand, ($2)
  • Duo Eyelash Adhesive, Dark-tone ($4)
  • MAC Prep+Primer ($30)
  • Elmers Glue, to seal my eyebrow down, ($2)
  • MAC Concealer ($17)
  • Laura Mercier creme smooth Foundation ($37)
  • Chanel translucent powder ($70)
  • Cheap red lipstick, Wet n’ wild! ($3)

^This is the very beginning stages of my make-up. Foundation, sealed eye brows, and the black eye liner

I didn’t have time to go to an actual wig shop to get hair nets, and I was at Wal-Mart and came across this! It works great!!

This is me and my friend Jess. She was an innocent school girl for Halloween:). But this is with all my make-up done and everything. Just gotta put my onesie on! YAYYY!! ONESIE TIME!

Creating a Lady Gaga costume is always SO MUCH FUN!

I love Lady Gaga.

I love make-up.

I freakin’ love Halloween 🙂

Heppy GagaWeen!!

The Monster Ball in Phoenix


March 26, 2011
So many people flew and drove into Phoenix to see Lady Gaga do her thang – including me, all the way from Hawaii.
She gave a show! A theatrical, entertaining show!
I openly turned gay for her during the show, I’m suprised I haven’t done so sooner. What was even more cool was that the Scissor Sisters opened! I only got into their performance when they played their old songs…

There was a story behind her whole performance. She and all of us had to attend the “Monster Ball.” Started out with the car breaking down, then she had to figure out how she was going to get to the ball, taking the subway, running into monsters, and then finally making it to the Monster Ball.

Her costumes were amazing of course, I didn’t expect anything LESS.

What I loved about her concert was that her voice, was soooo loud and strong & on top of that, she had a couple moments where she talked to the audience about how she was bullied from middle school to high school. She talked about how even though millions of people know her songs and sings her songs, there are mornings when she wakes up and feels depressed and still feels like a loser. She was telling us that she’s still human. She doesn’t want to be a celebrity — she wants to be an artist, music artist. I admire her for that. Sometimes I feel this admiration I have for her is a little lesbian. Lol.

She’s great and inspirational.

I’m a little monster now!

Here is a YouTube video of what I saw at the concert :). Just a little taste.

The Monster Ball in Phoenix

Need Some Lady Gaga Costume Tips?

Here are some pre-packaged costumes you guys can purchase from numerous store. I know that Hot Topic sells 2 Lady Gaga outfits, but they also have outfits you can put together than can look GaGa-ish 🙂

So those are the costumes specifically MADE for Lady Gaga.

Now, if you want to get more creative, it’s not so hard to dress up Gaga-ish.

Here’s some tips:

1. Learn her make-up styles – her style is always so dramatic!

2. Show Skin!! — if you absolutely do not know what to wear.. wear a one-peice. She’s infamous for that! and if you feel uncomfortable wearing that… just wear lace-leggings under 🙂

3. Make sure you definitely have a pair of Lady Gaga shades with you

4. A blonde wig would very much help!

Need Some Lady Gaga Costume Tips?