The Freeloader

Screen shot 2014-01-12 at 3.00.39 PMThe term I’m looking for doesn’t entirely fall in “freeloader” because I get things in return… just not the money that helps put food in my mouth.

Time and time again I see people get taken advantage of their skills and talent.

Sad to say, I am a victim too. But that’s my own fault for not being able to say “no.” I’ve spent years developing my skills as a designer, make-up artist, photographer and graphic artist. I’ve spent my own money on the endless supplies and tools to make it possible for me to even have these skills. But besides the money I’ve spent, the most precious thing I’ve given up to acquire these skills is time.

For make-up, I learned on my own, but a lot was learned on the job. For graphic arts and familiarity with programs, I taught myself because it was something I was passionate about at a young age. For photography, I am also self-taught. I can’t say that I’m a fricken professional at any or all of these skills, but I aint all that bad!

The point of this blog is to remind people that these skills people have developed WAS NOT FREE. So why would you ask your own friend to pull you a favor and do something for you for FREE.

Of course I always want to help my friends out and save them money. I am all about that. I always jump into it so quickly and I’m so eager to help because, I love my friends. But I’m at a point in my life where time is fuckin’ money. It’s just so out of my way to do something for free any more. And I’m finally realizing my worth. But my friends or friends of friends don’t?

& if you can’t afford the actual price for the services your asking for… at least give what you can, especially when they DO offer to do it for free. These people need to put food on the table, pay for a living space, pay for tuition, or whatever. Yeah you got bills and shit.. but who doesn’t?

Don’t be a freeloader – the end 🙂

The Freeloader

Dior Training – Cycle 1 & 2

As a make-up artist for Christian Dior, we have training sessions that we must attend every year.

Here we learn the benefits and improvements of the current and new products. We complete exercises on how to approach, cross-sell, and link-sell customers. We eat, and then we get awesome Dior products to try for ourselves! In other words, my part time job ain’t that bad 🙂

Dior Training – Cycle 1 & 2

Heppy GagaWeen!!

 If you guys haven’t seen the gagaween video yet, you…. HAVE TO! Especially if you love and worship Gaga like I do 🙂 🙂

Here’s my Halloween costume inspired by the one and only Mother Monster !!

I used her make-up she used in the Judas video, and wore a onesie!

Here’s actual clippings from the Judas video of what I was going for as far as make-up goes 😀


And here is my final product:

YAY! or NAY?


So this is what I did.


  • Bought Black Hoodie Onesie ($13), red bandana ($5), and gloves ($4) from Hot Topic
  • Bought various size mirrors ($12) from Michaels, but they should be available at any local craft store
  • Fabric glued ($7) the Mirrors on 🙂
  • Wig ($55) was financially supported by my sister 🙂 Brand was by Incognito — — find Incognito brand wigs
  • Bought a hair cap ($1) from Walmart, why does it have to be a black person on the front picture?
  • Used Laura Mercier Liquid pot eyeliner ($22)
  • False Eyelashes, Korean brand, ($2)
  • Duo Eyelash Adhesive, Dark-tone ($4)
  • MAC Prep+Primer ($30)
  • Elmers Glue, to seal my eyebrow down, ($2)
  • MAC Concealer ($17)
  • Laura Mercier creme smooth Foundation ($37)
  • Chanel translucent powder ($70)
  • Cheap red lipstick, Wet n’ wild! ($3)

^This is the very beginning stages of my make-up. Foundation, sealed eye brows, and the black eye liner

I didn’t have time to go to an actual wig shop to get hair nets, and I was at Wal-Mart and came across this! It works great!!

This is me and my friend Jess. She was an innocent school girl for Halloween:). But this is with all my make-up done and everything. Just gotta put my onesie on! YAYYY!! ONESIE TIME!

Creating a Lady Gaga costume is always SO MUCH FUN!

I love Lady Gaga.

I love make-up.

I freakin’ love Halloween 🙂

Heppy GagaWeen!!